Uproar over Delta changing its loyalty program forces the airline to partially reverse course while admitting it ‘won’t solve for every disappointment’

Delta Air Lines is rolling back some of the widespread and unpopular changes to its SkyMiles loyalty program, trimming the increase in requirements for various status levels and adding access to its airport lounges. But the shift to using cash spent, not miles flown, in calculating rewards remains in place.  Delta committed to the re-do after announcement of the broad overhaul on Sept. 14 triggered an avalanche of customer complaints. Two weeks later, Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian acknowledged there was “no question we probably went too far.” In an email to loyalty members…

How Clean Is Your House?

The classic “white glove test” to detect dust doesn’t have such a high profile these days. (Who routinely wears gloves anymore, anyway?) You can’t see the germs, viruses, and other microorganisms…
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