151 Would You Rather Questions for Couples


Couples today are always looking for new, fun ways to connect and get to know each other better. 

Enter would you rather questions – the perfect icebreaker for bringing you and your partner closer while getting a glimpse into each other’s personalities. 

Maybe you just want to lighten the mood while you get to know each other


There’s a time for deep questions (and we’ve got you covered there,


But a more light-hearted approach can also reveal plenty about you

and your relationship.  

What Are Would You Rather Questions for Couples?

Would you rather questions are a fun, lighthearted way for couples to get to know each other better.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • They present two absurd, imaginary scenarios and ask which option you would choose. For example: Would you rather be able to fly or become invisible?
  • There are no right or wrong answers. The point is to understand your partner’s reasoning behind their choice.
  • They reveal preferences, personality traits, values, and how your partner thinks.
  • You get a peek into how your partner’s mind works in various hypothetical situations.
  • They spark interesting conversations that can strengthen emotional intimacy.
  • Playing brings out your quirky sides and gives you some laughs.
  • They can be especially entertaining on date nights, road trips, or whenever you want to mix things up.
  • They are great for newer relationships as an icebreaker but also fun for established couples.
  • The sillier and more outrageous the scenarios, the better!

In short, would you rather questions allow couples to step outside the daily routine, be silly together, and deepen connections through understanding.

Give them a try for livening up date night!

151 Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Try this list of would you rather questions for couples.

From funny to cute to challenging and weird, these will give you two plenty to discuss. 

The tricky part might be saving some for later.

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Couples

1. Deliver a singing telegram or serenade your love in public?

2. Wear a unicorn costume for a day or wear a meat suit to an animal shelter?

couple laughing looking at phone Would You Rather Questions for Couples

3. Fill your pockets with rocks or with marshmallows?

4. Dye your hair the color of your choice or wear clothes chosen by someone else?

5. Loudly warn your S.O. whenever you’re about to pass gas or need to use the bathroom every hour?

6. Begin every sentence with, “If it please you, my lord/lady,” or end every sentence with a raspberry?

7. Meet one of your parents for dinner with obvious whisker rub or with your clothes buttoned-up wrong?

8. Always wear clothes that match your S.O.’s or wear the same hair?

9. Show up for a date dressed in a superhero costume or with a new tattoo?

10. Eat something you normally hate or tell everyone you meet that you have cooties?

11. Give up shopping (except for groceries) or give up emojis for six months?

12. Publish your most embarrassing diary or make a movie of your most embarrassing moment?

13. Be a giant hamster or a tiny dragon?

14. Would you rather get stuck in a public toilet or get your clothing caught in an escalator (with nothing on underneath)?

15. Be very attractive but have a squeaky voice or be plain-looking with a gorgeous voice?

16. Live near a busy railroad track or near a pig farm?

17. Be freakishly talented but unknown or be famous for doing something stupid?

18. Have a voice like Mickey Mouse or like Donald Duck for the rest of your life?

19. Be the Flash or Sherlock Holmes when solving a mystery?

20. Sing karaoke together — badly — or get drunk together in public?

21. Take turns burping loudly in a fancy restaurant or show up at a McDonald’s dressed in a Donald Trump costume?

22. Spend the whole day with snotty tissue stuck to your shoe or with a sign on your back that reads, “Are we alone on this planet?”

23. Develop a cure for every known disease or a cure for stupidity?

Flirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples

24. Show up for a date dressed like an exotic dancer or wearing a Snuggy?

25. Dress in clothes chosen by your date or sing karaoke?

26. Have x-ray vision or the ability to read minds?

27. Kiss a frog or dress like a genie?

28. Hold hands in public without kissing or kissing every five minutes?

29. Go on a road trip or fly to a destination you both love?

30. Watch fireworks together or watch the sunset?

31. Write a love letter or write a poem?

32. Be the first to kiss your date or wait for them to take the initiative?

33. Kiss your date while blindfolded or kiss them while wearing handcuffs?

34. Buy each other lingerie or pick out each other’s date outfits?

35. Watch a classic love story movie together or walk on the beach together?

36. Take your S.O. to work with you or go to your S.O.’s workplace with them?

37. Spend a weekend together in a friend’s mansion or in a cozy mountain cabin?

38. Cuddle with the lights on or with the lights off?

39. Never get itchy in sensitive places or never have to shave again?

40. Share a giant cookie or a large order of fries?

41. Compete together in a pie-eating contest or in a jello-wrestling contest?

42. Enjoy an exotic meal at a 5-star restaurant or share a large piece of chocolate cake from the best bakery in town?

43. Eat something messy together or go roller skating together?

44. Sing a karaoke serenade for your date/S.O. or play a tune on a kazoo?

45. Sleep in the nude or in fuzzy pajamas?

46. Fly your S.O. to a romantic location overseas or recreate a romantic dinner scene at your place?

couple outdoors looking at phone smiling Would You Rather Questions for Couples

47. Take your S.O. to meet their favorite celebrity or dress and act like that celebrity to role-play a fantasy meeting?

Cute Would You Rather Questions for Couples

48. Adopt a disabled puppy or adopt an older dog that was abandoned by its owner?

49. Stay in or go out for a date with someone you’re comfortable with?

50. Meet your true love when you’re dressed to impress or when you’re wearing your favorite comfortable clothes?

51. Take your date to theme parks for free or watch movies together for free?

52. Ride bikes together or take a long walk?

53. Have breakfast in bed or a candlelit dinner?

54. Talk on the phone or text?

55. Prep and cook dinner with each other or take turns?

56. See a horror movie together or a comedy?

57. Get matching tattoos or matching t-shirts?

58. Travel together with a circus or with a favorite band?

59. Date someone who makes you laugh or someone who is always kind?

60. Date a neat freak or someone whose home is (usually) a mess?

61. Read a book together or watch a movie together?

62. Be stuck in a video game together or go to the Renaissance Fair together? 

63. Do all the grocery shopping or all the laundry for a month?

64. Be admired by your S.O.’s family or by your boss?

65. Do all the cooking or all the dishwashing and kitchen clean-up for a month?

66. Be invisible together at a party or the most popular couple at a party?

67. Go to a party dressed like Adam and Eve or in a two-person costume?

68. Volunteer together at an animal shelter or at a soup kitchen?

69. Make something handmade for your S.O. or cook for them?

70. Make one grand gesture for your S.O. or perform at least five thoughtful acts every day for a week?

71. Spend three hours on a street corner offering hugs to strangers or spend the day in a shirt built for two with your S.O.?

72. Plant a tree for your S.O. or build a treehouse?

Fun Would You Rather Questions for Couples

73. Run a donut shop in a small town or sell them from a food truck in the city?

74. Get three wishes from a genie, or wake up with the superpower of your choice?

75. Eat only salad and eggs for a week or eat only McDonald’s food for a week?

76. Go to the beach together or go on a hike together?

77. Go without online video streaming or without junk food for the rest of your life?

78. Have a ferret or a snake for a pet?

79. Take a cold shower every morning or sleep an hour less than you need?

80. Say everything on your mind or be unable to speak?

81. Wear comfortable clothes or be a fashion icon?

82. Spend $5,000 on traveling or on physical items for your home?

83. Work at your dream job or at a job that pays five times as much?

84. Never be able to use a touchscreen again or never be able to use a keyboard and mouse?

85. Have unlimited sushi or unlimited tacos for the rest of your life?

86. Be unable to use search engines or be unable to use social media?

87. Give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month?

88. Never use social media again or never watch another movie?

89. Never eat meat again or never eat root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onions…)?

couple indoors looking at computer Would You Rather Questions for Couples

90. Suddenly be elected senator or suddenly become the CEO of a major company?

91. Be a famous artist or a brilliant scientist?

92. Go vegetarian for a year or go on a paleo diet?

93. Go skydiving together or go on a hot air balloon ride?

94. Eat the same meal for the rest of your life or never again eat your favorite food?

95. Get up at 3 am every morning or stay up ’til 3 am every night?

96. Never eat candy again (including chocolate) or eat it with every meal?

97. Attend a symphony together or attend a political rally together?

Deep Would You Rather Questions for Couples  

98. Have excellent eyesight but need a hearing aid or need glasses but have excellent hearing?

99. Have a beautiful house but an ugly car or an ugly house but a beautiful car? 

100. Give up your technology or your pet?

101. Reveal all your secrets to your parents or lie to your best friend?

102. Be in a bad relationship for the rest of your life or remain single and celibate?

103. Have free, secure wifi wherever you go, or get free coffee/tea wherever you go?

104. Die in 10 years with no regrets, or die in 50 years with many?

105. Know when you’re going to die or know how?

106. Lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?

107. Achieve little but be happy, or achieve a lot and never be satisfied?

108. Work for a shady boss for $100 an hour, or work for a beautiful soul for only $20 an hour?

109. Travel first and then start a family or vice-versa? 

110. Have unlimited wealth or be able to make friends easily?

111. Be poor but brilliant or rich but a moron?

112. Give bad advice or follow bad advice?

113. Say whatever is on your mind for a day, or be unable to smile for a day?

114. Have one of your dreams come true, or have one of your S.O.’s dreams come true?

115. Go to church or to counseling every week with your S.O.?

116. Read only one genre for the rest of your life or listen to only one type of music?

117. Be the subject of gossip or never be talked about at all?

118. Lose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you’ve ever taken?

119. Inherit millions of dollars or inherit the ability to shape-shift?

120. Be a genius no one listens to or an idiot believed by all?

Weird But Good Would You Rather Questions for Couples

121. Win the lottery or win a Nobel Prize?

122. Live in a haunted mansion or live on a houseboat?  

123. Get away with a major crime, or have your thoughts broadcast publicly?

124. Be famous for your dance moves or be famous for your cooking skills?

125. Communicate only in rhyme or communicate only through interpretive dance?

126. Have x-ray vision or have super hearing?

127. Swim in a pool of chocolate or in a pool of marshmallow fluff?

128. Have hands that grow larger every year or feet that grow larger every year?

129. Become best friends with your least favorite celebrity or with your ex?

130. Live in a society with no problems or live in a society with no pain?

131. Relive one day over and over or live life backward from old age to infant?

132. Always know when someone is lying or always get away with lying?  

133. Teleport anywhere instantly or be able to time travel?

134. Have unlimited international first-class tickets or never have to pay for food at restaurants?

135. Only shop at garage sales or only shop at high-end boutiques?

136. Give up bathing for a year or give up the internet for a year?

137. Be able to fly or be able to become invisible?

138. Communicate only in emojis or communicate only by singing?

139. Live on the moon or live at the bottom of the ocean?

140. Meet your idol from history or meet your favorite fictional character?

141. Switch bodies with your partner for a week or with a random stranger for a week?

142. Have a rewind button for your life or a pause button for your life?

143. Be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent person in the room?  

144. Stay awake for a week straight or not sleep in your own bed for a month?

145. Only eat pizza or only eat tacos for the rest of your life?

146. Give up all drinks except water, or give up eating anything crunchy?

147. Shave your head or wear the same outfit every day for a year?

148. Spend a year alone in a remote cabin or spend a year never being alone?

149. Always have perfect hair or perfect skin?

150. Be able to control the weather or be able to talk to animals?

151. Only watch sitcoms or only watch documentaries for the rest of your life?

Here is a section on fun ways for couples to use these would you rather questions:

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Fun Ways to Use These Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Would you rather questions are such a versatile couple’s activity. Here are some enjoyable ways to put them to use:

Spice Up Date Nights

Fire up a conversation on your next dinner or movie date by taking turns asking thought-provoking would you rathers. See where the scenarios take you!

Roadtrip Entertainment

Facing a long drive? Would you rathers make time fly by turning the journey into a game. Quiz each other, debate answers, and laugh yourselves silly. 

Pre-Party Warmup

Get the fun flowing before heading out to a party or event. A few silly would you rathers will put you both in a lighthearted mood.

Slumber Party Style 

Recreate slumber party nostalgia by camping out in the living room, making snacks, and volleying outrageous would you rathers back and forth.

Digital Dating

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, video chat while asking would you rathers. Feel closer even when you’re cities apart.

Lazy Sunday Bonding 

On a quiet Sunday, snuggle up and learn all about each other’s opinions with this simple but revealing activity.

Push Your Comfort Zones

Answer rapid-fire questions and stretch your thinking by embracing absurdity. What you learn may surprise you!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, would you rather questions are about strengthening connections. The laughter, debates, and glimpses into your partner’s psyche they provide are priceless. So next time you’re searching for a way to liven up date night or just want to see your relationship from a new angle, give these playful prompts a try. You might learn something new about your loved one—and yourself.

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