19 Symptoms of Bisexuality in Females


You’ve probably heard the saying that sexuality is fluid, especially for women. 

But what does that really mean? 

How do you know if a woman is actually bisexual or just going through a “phase”? 

The truth is that female sexuality exists on a spectrum. 

Lots of ladies who identify as straight have felt an attraction to other women or gotten tingly over a sexy celeb. 

And many of those college girls “experimenting” at parties end up realizing they’re into both guys and girls. 

So, how do you spot a bisexual woman or know if you may be bisexual? 

We’re breaking down some subtle signs and symptoms of bisexuality.

Understanding Bisexuality

Ever wondered, “How do I know if I’m bisexual, and what exactly does it mean to be bisexual?”

Glad you asked!

Bisexuality is complicated and personal, but here are a few key things to know:

  • Bisexual women experience romantic, emotional, and/or sexual attraction to both men and women. The level of attraction may vary over time.
  • Bisexuality exists on a spectrum. A bi woman doesn’t have to be equally into guys and girls. Some lean one way more than the other.
  • Attraction isn’t just physical. Bi women may crush on, fall in love with, or want relationships with partners of either gender.
  • Sexuality is fluid. Some women move between bi, lesbian, and straight identities over their lives.
  • Not all bi women are out. Some may appear straight while secretly checking out the ladies. Others fully embrace their bisexuality publicly.

The main thing is that bisexuality is real and legitimate for millions of women.

It’s not just a trend or experiment.

19 Signs and Symptoms of Bisexuality in Females

So, how can you actually tell if a woman is bisexual?

While sexuality exists on a spectrum, some common experiences, behaviors, and subtle signs suggest a woman may feel attraction beyond heterosexuality.

woman staring at each other closely Symptoms of Bisexuality in Females

Here are 19 signs of bisexuality in females:

1. She checks out or flirts with other women.

You catch her stealing glances at that gorgeous bartender or twerking a bit too close with her girls on the dance floor. A bisexual woman may flirt with or check out other ladies, whether consciously or subconsciously. 

Don’t assume it’s just playful fun between friends – her wandering eye could signal she’s open to female attraction. Of course, some straight women enjoy dancing provocatively or commenting on beauty without it meaning more. But consistent flirting or ogling likely points to underlying bi desires.

2. Her celebrity crushes include women.

From Megan Fox to Zendaya, she enthusiastically names women among the famous people she has hots for. A bi woman may have a strong attraction to female public figures, musicians, or characters. 

Having the hots for a sexy celeb could mean she relates to them, sees them as goals, or simply finds them crazy attractive as more than just a girl crush. If she seems to exhibit this pattern, it likely translates to real-life attractions, too.

3. She gets bicurious when drinking.

After a few cocktails, she gets touchy-feely with her girlfriends or makes out with a woman on a dare. Exploration of bisexuality often first emerges in settings involving lowered inhibitions. A woman may write off alcohol-fueled encounters with women as just drunken fun. 

But it could be her true desires peeking through once her guard is down. If she repeatedly seeks these experiences, she likely harbors sober bi interest, too.

4. She identifies as sexually fluid. 

Rather than claiming a distinct sexual orientation, she says her attractions are flexible or change over time. Sexual fluidity is common in women, whose arousal patterns tend to be responsive and centered on emotional connection. 

Labels like queer, sexually fluid, or pansexual suggest she sees gender as irrelevant to her relationships. Embracing fluidity indicates she’s open to evolving attraction to women.

5. Her friendships are emotionally intimate. 

She cuddles platonically with girlfriends, values emotional intimacy in female bonds, or describes friends as “soulmates.” Women tend to prioritize emotional closeness in same-sex friendships. 

However, a bisexual woman may be inclined to blur friendship boundaries. Deeply connecting with girlfriends could foreshadow or mirror her relationship desires.

6. She gets turned on by lesbian romance or porn.

Seeing two women kiss in a movie or show catches her off guard with a wave of excitement. Or she may intentionally seek out wlw (women loving women) erotic content out of more than just curiosity. 

Getting aroused by lesbian intimacy, romance, or pornography could reflect latent bisexual tendencies. Even if she consciously avoids labeling it, feeling a sexual response to women engaging intimately likely stems from buried same-sex attraction. 

7. She had intense friendships or crushes on girls as a teen.

In adolescence, she felt magnetically drawn to female best friends, classmates, or teammates. Or she remembers powerful fixations on girls that felt romantic and all-consuming at the time. 

Teenage hormones drive the exploration of sexuality and identity. So obsessive girl crushes back then, even if she insists they were just friends, may have been early stirrings of bisexuality that still linger.

8. She advocates for LGBTQ+ rights.

She passionately promotes LGBTQ+ equality, wants gay characters in media, and gets upset over discrimination. While compassion alone could fuel this allyship, there’s a chance it stems from personal connection. 

Advocating for the representation and rights of bisexual people indicates she closely relates to these struggles. Her anger over biphobia could suggest she feels its sting herself.  

9. She doesn’t relate to guys discussing women’s bodies.

When male friends, dates, or coworkers leer at women or make crude sexual comments, she feels uncomfortable. A bisexual woman may not relate to straight men’s mindset or discussions objectifying female bodies. 

two women sitting at table smiling Symptoms of Bisexuality in Females

Feeling disconnected from male bonding over women’s looks suggests she internally realizes her own multifaceted desires.  

10. She experiments with androgynous gender presentation.

From wearing masculine clothing to cutting her hair very short, she bucks traditional femininity in her style. Playing with gender expression could reflect the diversity of her attractions. 

A bi woman may intentionally present more androgynously to attract partners open to fluidity. Even a subtle flair of masculine energy in her style hints she’s unconventionally sexy.

11. She gets jealous when female friends date men.

When a close girlfriend starts seriously dating a guy, she feels surprisingly envious and possessive. Competition in female friendships is common. 

But for a bisexual woman, jealousy over girlfriends dating men may reveal latent attraction. Her territorial reaction to losing female attention could unveil deeper feelings she keeps suppressed.

12. She connects better with LGBTQ+ friends. 

She feels most herself and comfortable in friendships with gay men, lesbians, or fellow bisexuals. Unlike straight peers, queer friends share the lens of her lived experiences. 

A bi woman often bonds effortlessly with LGBTQ+ people over their identity intersections. If she struggles to feel understood by straight friends, close same-sex bonds offer validation.  

13. She gets defensive about her past dating life. 

When the topic of exes and dating history comes up, she abruptly changes the subject. A bisexual woman may guard her romantic past due to internalized stigma. Fear of judgment may cause her to conceal or deny relationships with women. 

She also may deny past serious feelings for female friends. Defensiveness about her dating history hints she’s hiding fluid desires.

14. She fantasizes about women during sex.

To become fully aroused or reach orgasm with male partners, she secretly imagines sexual scenarios with women in her head. Fantasy reveals true desire. 

If a woman needs to picture female partners to stay turned on with men, she likely has suppressed bisexual interest. Even if she doesn’t admit it, her mind betrays her.

15. She feels confused about her sexuality.

Despite only dating men, she grapples with undefined feelings of curiosity or uncertainty about her sexuality. Sexuality dwells on a spectrum, so ambiguous attraction to women causes common confusion. 

If she sees herself as straight yet feels stirred by an acquaintance’s coming out, this could be her psyche nudging at unrealized desire. Being unsure about labeling her orientation may reflect repression.

16. She covertly checks out women on social media. 

Her Instagram feed seems filled with stylish women; she DMs back and forth with unknown hotties or lurks through hashtags like #dykesofTikTok. 

A bisexual woman may indulge her interest in attractive ladies through discrete social media connections. Following and engaging beautiful women online allows exploration without outing herself. But it likely hints she yearns for more.  

17. She dated guys to fit in but never felt fulfilled.

She chronically complains guys are disappointing and relationships with men feel empty. A bisexual woman may force herself to date men because it’s expected by society. 

But unable to express her full identity, she feels unsatisfied and trapped in these connections. Failed straight relationships could stem from pursuing partners of the wrong gender. 

18. She curiously asks LGBTQ friends about their experiences.

She intently listens as queer pals describe realizing their sexuality, coming out, or dating dynamics in LGBTQ+ relationships. 

Asking candid questions reveals a personal investment beyond just being an ally. Her thirst for details implies a vicarious curiosity about aspects of queer life she finds fascinating.  

19. She avoids labeling her sexuality.

Even if she’s open-minded, she resists defining or categorizing her sexual orientation. Ambiguity offers flexibility and avoids commitment to a bi identity. 

But vague terms like “heteroflexible” and “sexually fluid” often cloak reality. Not wanting labels could suggest she harbors unresolved questions about her attraction to women.

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What is the Difference Between Bisexual and Bicurious?

Bisexual means experiencing enduring romantic, emotional, and sexual attraction to both men and women. It indicates having a real desire for relationships with either gender. Bicurious means having an openness to exploring attraction to the same sex but no commitment to it yet. 

A bicurious woman may play with bisexual behavior when younger before deciding she is straight or lesbian. She is primarily still attracted to the opposite sex but wants to experiment. 

A bisexual woman knows she feels desires for both men and women integrated into her identity, not just something to try out temporarily.

Signs of Bisexuality in Females Quiz

Have you ever questioned your sexuality? This quiz can help you explore possible signs of bisexuality. Answer each question honestly about your past experiences, fantasies, and desires. At the end, we’ll summarize what your results may say about your sexual orientation.

1. You check out or flirt with attractive women when you’re out in public.

A. Never  

B. Only very beautiful women

C. Frequently admire pretty women

D. Actively look for hot women to flirt with

2. Your celebrity crushes tend to be female more than male.

A. Mostly men

B. About 50/50 

C. Mostly women

D. Almost exclusively women

3. You’ve had romantic or sexual dreams about women.

A. Never

B. Once or twice  

C. Several times

D. Frequently 

4. You feel jealous when female friends start dating men. 

A. Happy for them

B. Bittersweet but supportive

C. Definitely feel jealous

D. Get very upset by it

5. You advocate for LGBTQ+ rights as an ally.

A. Not an active ally

B. Supportive of rights 

C. Donate to LGBTQ+ causes 

D. Passionately advocate for the LGBTQ+ community

6. You get aroused by intimacy between women in media.

A. Not into lesbian storylines 

B. Appreciate it artistically

C. Find it exciting sometimes 

D. Definitely a turn-on

7. You connect better with LGBTQ+ friends than straight friends. 

A. No preference in friends

B. Have some LGBTQ+ friends

C. Prefer hanging with LGBTQ+ crowd

D. Feel most myself with queer friends 

8. You had intense attachments to female friends or crushes as a teenager.

A. Just regular friendships  

B. A couple of closer friendships

C. Intense bonds with female friends 

D. Obsessive fixation on certain girls 

9. You experimented sexually with girls when you were younger. 

A. Never did 

B. Kissing or making out only

C. Manual/oral sex

D. Went all the way

10. You fantasize about women when having sex with men. 

A. Never

B. On rare occasions 

C. Frequently

D. Nearly every time 

11. Your style leans androgynous or “tomboy”. 

A. Conventionally feminine style 

B. Mix of feminine and masculine

C. Lean toward a masculine style 

D. Androgynous daily style

12. You get defensive when asked about your dating history.

A. Open about my past

B. Prefer not to discuss it 

C. Deflect questions subtly

D. Get angry and refuse to talk about it

13. You feel confused about your sexual identity.

A. 100% clear on being straight  

B. Questioned myself briefly in the past

C. Still feel unsure about my orientation

D. Totally confused about my sexuality

14. You notice yourself checking out women’s bodies at the gym, beach, etc.  

A. Don’t look at women that way 

B. Glance respectfully on occasion

C. Admire attractive ladies frequently 

D. Make an effort to sneak peeks 

15. You’ve felt attracted to a close female friend.

A. Never  

B. Thought about it briefly

C. Felt chemistry once or twice 

D. Frequently develop crushes on friends

How to Interpret Your Results:

Mostly A’s: Likely straight with limited same-sex interest

Mostly A’s and B’s: May be bicurious or have latent bisexual tendencies

Mix of B’s and C’s: Probably have moderate bisexual desires 

Mostly C’s and D’s: Results strongly indicate you are bisexual

What Should I Do If I Think I’m Bisexual?

Discovering you may be bisexual can be confusing and emotional. Here are some tips if these signs resonate and you’re wondering if you’re bi:

  • Don’t panic. This is a journey of self-discovery. Give yourself permission to explore your feelings without judgment.
  • Reflect on your past attractions and relationships. Look for clues you may have suppressed or avoided. Journaling can help unpack emotions.
  • Consume media featuring bisexual storylines and characters. Seeing yourself reflected may help things click.
  • If you feel safe, open up to LGBTQ+ friends to process aloud. They can relate and support you.
  • Don’t force labeling yourself yet if you aren’t ready. Sexuality is complex. Focus on understanding your desires right now.
  • Consider trying flirting or going on a date with a woman if you want to test your feelings further. But don’t lead someone on.
  • Work through internalized biphobia if you have shame over same-sex attraction. Give yourself grace to unpack societal conditioning.
  • Find a bi-affirming therapist if you need guidance navigating this. Pick someone LGBTQ+ friendly.

Discovering your sexuality can be an evolving journey over time. Move at your own pace and listen to your heart. Whether you ultimately come out as bisexual, queer, or something else, learning more about your true self is a beautiful process.

Final Thoughts

Exploring signs you may be bisexual can lead to profound self-discovery. Remember that sexuality falls on a fluid spectrum. Move at your own pace, focus on self-understanding, and don’t worry about labels. Being open to discovering your desires, whatever they may be, can unlock your fullest self. You deserve to live authentically and fully.

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