201 Couples Quiz Questions to Text Your Knowledge of Each Other


Looking to add some excitement to your next date night or road trip with your significant other? 

Put your relationship to the test with these fun and meaningful couples quiz questions! 

With topics ranging from pop culture and lifestyle preferences to childhood memories and future goals, this comprehensive list of questions is sure to spark lively conversation, reveal new insights about your partner, and bring you closer together. 

Mix and match the questions for hours of laughter, thoughtful discussion, and discovering new things about the person you love most.

201 Couples Quiz Questions to Text Your Knowledge of Each Other

We’ve curated a list of couples’ trivia questions that can enhance your connection and make for a fun time together. 

Taking a “quiz” may sound intimidating, but the point isn’t to test one another.

couple sitting at breakfast table Couples Quiz Questions

Instead, these questions are designed to be fun, enlightening, and strengthen your bond. 

Couples Question Quiz, Multiple Choice

Let’s get started with some icebreaker fun with these multiple-choice couple quiz questions. 

Note: If the correct answer isn’t one of the options we’ve listed, substitute the correct answer. Be sure to randomly place the correct answer in the A, B, or C position.

1. What was the first meal we cooked together?

A. Spaghetti Bolognese 

B. Omelets

C. Steak and potatoes

2. Which band or musician have we seen live in concert together?

A. Ed Sheeran

B. Coldplay 

C. Maroon 5

3. What is my favorite comfort food?

A. Pizza

B. Ice cream

C. Chips and salsa

4. What city did we take our first vacation together to?  

A. Paris

B. Rome

C. London

5. What activity do I love that my partner refuses to try?

A. Bungee jumping

B. Parasailing 

C. Skydiving

6. What TV series have we binge-watched together in bed?

A. Game of Thrones

B. Breaking Bad

C. The Office

7. What was the first gift I ever gave my partner?

A. Watch

B. Framed photo

C. Gift card

8. What food does my partner hate that I could eat every day? 

A. Mushrooms

B. Olives

C. Bell peppers

9. What was the color of the shirt I was wearing on our first date?

A. Red

B. Blue 

C. Black

10. What outdoor activity do we enjoy doing as a couple?

A. Hiking    

B. Cycling

C. Kayaking

11. What was the first movie we saw in theaters together?

A. A romantic comedy

B. A superhero movie  

C. A horror movie

12. What is my partner’s favorite dessert?

A. Chocolate cake

B. Cheesecake

C. Cookies 

13. What celebrity couple would we choose for a double date?

A. Barack and Michelle Obama

B. Beyonce and Jay-Z

C. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

14. Which of my personality traits does my partner find most endearing?

A. Sense of humor

B. Compassion

C. Adventurousness 

15. What did my partner want to be when they grew up?

A. Doctor

B. Teacher

C. Astronaut

16. What is one item on my partner’s bucket list?

A. Go skydiving 

B. Visit all 7 continents

C. Learn to play guitar

17. What bad habit annoys my partner the most?

A. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

B. Biting nails

C. Grinding teeth at night

18. What topic could we debate about for hours?

A. The existence of aliens

B. The best superhero  

C. The meaning of life

19. If my partner could have an unlimited supply of one food, what would they choose?

A. Sushi

B. Pizza

C. Chocolate 

20. What embarrassing story do I tell over and over about my partner? 

A. Falling asleep at a party

B. Forgetting their lines in a play

C. Tripping in public

21. What city would we like to retire in someday?

A. New York City

B. Miami Beach 

C. Nashville  

22. What was my partner’s first impression of me?

A. Funny and charming

B. Intelligent but reserved 

C. Laid-back and approachable

23. What song reminds my partner of our relationship?

A. “Your Song” by Elton John

B. “At Last” by Etta James

C. “Lucky” by Jason Mraz

24. What food am I surprisingly good at making?

A. Chili

B. Pancakes

C. Pasta carbonara  

25. What animal best represents my personality, according to my partner?

A. Dog

B. Owl

C. Dolphin

26. What tech gadget could my partner not live without?

A. Smartphone

B. Laptop

C. Tablet

27. What was my partner’s dream job as a child? 

A. Doctor

B. Firefighter

C. Astronaut

28. What reality TV show do we secretly enjoy watching together?

A. The Bachelor

B. Survivor

C. The Amazing Race

29. What cuisine do I love that my partner just doesn’t care for?

A. Indian 

B. Thai

C. Ethiopian

30. What comedy movie have we seen together more than 5 times?

A. Bridesmaids

B. The Hangover

C. Step Brothers

31. What album takes my partner back to high school every time they hear it?

A. Abbey Road by The Beatles

B. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette  

C. Dookie by Green Day

32. What fictional couple are we most similar to in personality?

A. Jim and Pam from The Office

B. Ross and Rachel from Friends

C. Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls

33. What sport or team has my partner tried unsuccessfully to get me interested in? 

A. Hockey

B. Basketball

C. Football

34. What is my partner’s favorite article of clothing that I own?

A. Little black dress

B. Leather jacket 

C. Blue button-down shirt

35. What actor or actress does my partner have a secret crush on?

A. Ryan Gosling

B. Jennifer Aniston  

C. Chris Hemsworth 

36. What is the most expensive purchase we’ve made together?

A. A house

B. A car

C. A vacation

37. What quirky habit does my partner think I have?

A. Singing in the shower

B. Sleep talking

C. Doing a happy dance when excited

38. What food do I love that my partner refuses to try?

A. Sushi

B. Eggs Benedict 

C. Curry

39. What random object best sums up my partner’s personality?

A. Sunglasses

B. Coffee mug

C. Sneakers

40. What is my partner’s favorite trip or vacation memory with me?

A. Road trip along the coast 

B. Hiking mountaintop vistas

C. City food tour

Couples Quiz Questions About Your Relationship

Let’s dig deeper now with more in-depth questions to ask one another about your relationship. These questions will help you know more about your compatibility and the health of your connection.

41. Who made the first move in our relationship and how?

42. What were your first impressions of me when we met? 

43. When did you realize you had feelings for me?

44. What do you think are each of our best qualities as a partner?

45. How do you think we have grown as individuals since being together?

46. What is your favorite memory of us so far?

47. How do you think our relationship has changed since we first started dating?

48. What do you think is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship?

49. How do you envision our relationship evolving in the next five years?

50. What is your favorite thing to do together as a couple?

51. What is the most thoughtful gift I have ever given you?

52. What is something I do that always makes you smile?

53. What do you think the hardest challenge has been in our relationship so far?  

54. What do you love most about our relationship?

55. In what ways are we compatible as a couple? 

56. How do you think I have impacted or changed you as a person?

57. What is your favorite nickname or pet name you have for me?

58. What is one way we could improve our communication? 

59. How do you think our values and life goals align?

60. What traditions or rituals are important to you for us to maintain as a couple?

61. How do you think we handle conflict within our relationship?

62. What do you think our friends and family admire most about our relationship?

63. What is your favorite adventure or experience we’ve shared as a couple so far?

64. What is the most romantic thing I have done for you?

65. How do you think the challenges in our past have made us stronger?

66. What are your dreams and hopes for our future together? 

67. What initially attracted you to me when we first met?

68. What small gestures do I make that show you I care?

69. Do you think we have a healthy balance between our relationship and individual interests?

70. How would you describe what real love means to you?

71. What are your top priorities for our relationship this year? 

72. What do you think makes relationships last through ups and downs?

73. What are some new things you’d like for us to experience together?

74. What are your favorite parts about our personalities that complement each other?

75. How do you think our faith or spiritual beliefs factor into our relationship, if at all?

76. How has being in this relationship changed you for the better, if at all?

77. What does commitment mean to you in a relationship? 

78. What are some of your hopes and dreams for our future together?

79. What do you think is the key to maintaining passion in a relationship long-term?

80. What are your favorite memories of when you realized I was the person you wanted to be with?

81. How would you describe what unconditional love means to you?

82. What are some ways we can keep nurturing and strengthening our bond?

83. What personal or relationship goals would you like us to work towards this year?

84. What are some new things you’d like us to try together just for fun?

85. What are some of your favorite pet names or terms of endearment for me?

86. How do you think our own family histories affect our relationship, if at all?

87. What are some of the most meaningful gifts we’ve exchanged over the years?

88. How do you think we handle finances well as a couple?

89. What famous or historical couples do you think we’re most similar to in our dynamic?

90. What random object or metaphor best represents our relationship to you?

91. What’s one way I’ve surprised you since we’ve been together?

92. What are some new adventures you’d love for us to experience together? 

93. How would you describe our intimate life and chemistry?

94. How do you think our faith or spiritual beliefs strengthen our relationship bond?

95. What is one way I’ve encouraged you to grow as an individual?

96. What parenting strengths do you think each of us would bring to raising kids?

97. What do you think is the key to balancing family life with couple time if we have children someday?

98. How has your definition of love evolved since being in this relationship, if at all?

99. What are some small ways we try to keep the spark alive day-to-day?

100. How do you think we each handle stress and support each other through difficult times?

Couples Quiz Questions About Your Preferences

How well do you know your partner and what they like? Quiz one another with these questions to see if your partner has been paying attention to your preferences.

101. What is my favorite type of cuisine or ethnic food?

102. What is my ideal dream vacation destination?

103. What is my favorite dessert or sweet treat?  

104. What beverage do I order when we go out to eat?

105. What is my favorite genre of book or favorite author?

106. What is my favorite type of flower?

107. What is my favorite season of the year?

108. What is one household chore I hate doing?

109. What color best represents my personality?

110. What foreign country would I love to visit someday? 

111. What is my favorite holiday?

112. What is my favorite animal?

113. What is my favorite song from my teenage years?

114. What clothing store or boutique do I shop at most? 

115. What is my favorite brunch food or breakfast meal?  

116. What restaurant do I want to try in our city next?

117. What is my ideal dream car?

118. What is my favorite genre of movie?

119. What actor or celebrity do I have a crush on?

120. What hobby or skill would I love to learn someday?

121. What is my favorite late-night snack?

122. What cuisine do I refuse to eat?

123. What time of day is my energy level highest?

124. What musical artist or band do I never get tired of?

125. What is my favorite holiday tradition?

126. What sport or team is my favorite to watch on TV?

127. What is my favorite type of exercise or workout?  

128. What is the most exotic place I want to travel to someday?

129. What is the one item I take with me everywhere?

130. What is my favorite social media site or app?

131. What junk food am I most likely to binge eat?

132. What hobby would I get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

133. What is one quirky skill or talent I have?

134. What is my favorite fast food place?

135. What cuisine do I find the most delicious?

136. What musical instrument have I always wanted to learn?

137. What mythological creature fascinates me the most?

138. What phone app could I not live without?

139. What outdoor activity recharges me the most?

140. What is my favorite ice cream flavor?

141. What is my ideal dream job if money didn’t matter?

142. What fashion trend do I refuse to get on board with?

143. What book genre do I never read? 

144. What is my favorite hot beverage?

145. What is my number one pet peeve?

146. What hobby have I always wanted to learn? 

147. What is the most nostalgic song from my childhood?

148. What celebrity would I most want to meet?

149. What is my favorite kitchen appliance or tool?

150. What car feature is most important to me?

Couples Quiz Questions About Values

Your values are your guiding principles and define who you are and what’s important to you. Most of your values should align with your partners’, although all of them don’t have to match. You may discover through quizzing each other that you haven’t defined all of your values. 

  1. What do you value most in a friendship?
  1. What cause or social issue is most important to you?
  1. How do you think people should treat each other?
  1. What does your ideal society or community look like?
  1. How do you define success for yourself?
  1. What does your ideal work-life balance look like?
  1. What role should money and possessions play in life?
  1. How do you think we should care for the environment?
  1. What responsibility do we have to serve our community or help others?
  1. How do you define a life well lived?
  1. What ethical values guide your life choices?
  1. What is your biggest source of inspiration?
  1. How do you define a meaningful or purposeful life?
  1. What is your greatest hope for the future of humanity?
  1. How important is following tradition versus forging your own path?
  1. How do you want to make a difference in the world?
  1. How do you define wisdom?
  1. What role should faith or spirituality play in people’s lives?
  1. How can we create positive change in society?
  1. How do you determine right versus wrong?
  1. How do you envision an ideal future society?
  1. What social issues stir your deepest passions?
  1. How should we balance ambition with contentment?
  1. How do you think we should treat animals and nature?
  1. What values are most important to instill in children?
  1. What do you consider dealbreakers in our relationship?
  1. How important are shared values and compatibility in relationships?
  1. How do you define loyalty in friendships or relationships?
  1. What personality traits or qualities do you value most in others?
  1. What are your thoughts on materialism versus minimalism?
  1. How do you determine the difference between right and wrong?
  1. What does patriotism mean to you?
  1. How important is intellectual curiosity and learning?
  1. How do you feel technology should be used ethically?
  1. What does justice mean to you?
  1. How important is artistic expression and creativity to the human experience?
  1. How do you balance self-interest with the greater good?
  1. What values would you fight for no matter what?
  1. How do you define family?
  1. What moral obligations do we have to future generations?
  1. How do you define freedom? What freedoms are most important?
  1. What role should the government play in people’s lives?
  1. How do you feel about the distribution of wealth in society?
  1. How important is it for people to find meaning and purpose in their work?
  1. How do you feel about the pace and pressures of modern life?
  1. What social changes would you most like to see in your lifetime?
  1. What wisdom would you like to pass on to the next generation?
  1. How do you define integrity?
  1. What values anchor or guide your life?
  1. What is the key to living ethically?
  1. How do you determine what is morally right versus wrong when faced with a difficult ethical dilemma?

Why It’s Beneficial to Ask Couples Quiz Questions

Engaging in couples quizzes and asking each other thoughtful questions can offer many rewards for your relationship. Here are some of the top reasons to incorporate these quizzes into your time spent together:

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Turning questions into a shared activity opens the door for deeper dialogue about important topics. You’ll likely be surprised by what you discover about your partner’s perspectives, experiences, and growth when you move past small talk.

Learn New Things About Each Other

Asking quiz questions prompts you to divulge details about your histories, interests, quirks, and dreams. No matter how long you’ve been together, there are always new layers to uncover about each other.

Enhance Your Intimacy 

Opening up fosters emotional intimacy and connection. Sharing vulnerabilities, hopes, and values brings you closer. You strengthen trust and understanding of what makes each other tick.

Add Fun and Variety 

Quizzes inject novelty, excitement, and an element of friendly competition into your relationship. They provide hours of laughter, bonding, and discovering unexpected commonalities. 

Work on Your Communication

Thoughtful exchanges build communication muscles by practicing vulnerability, listening, compromise, and expressing yourselves openly.

Discuss Important Topics

Quizzes naturally generate conversations around family plans, life goals, conflict resolution, faith, finances, and other subjects vital for couples to address.

Learn Your Partner’s Preferences 

Discovering each other’s favorite things allows you to be more caring, romantic, and in-tune partners. You’ll know just what to do to make each other smile.

Best Ideas for Using These Couples Quiz Questions

With 200+ thoughtful relationship questions to choose from, the possibilities are endless for weaving these quizzes into time with your significant other! Here are some fun ways to put these questions to use:

  • Set aside sacred couple time for an at-home date night doing the quizzes. Light candles, pour wine and take turns asking questions from different categories. See how well you know each other after all these years!
  • On road trips, pass the time by asking questions from a selected theme like childhood memories or future goals. It’s a meaningful way to make long drives fly by.
  • Try “20 questions” before bed by taking turns drawing from the list as pillow talk. See what new revelations come to light in your relaxed, pajama-clad state.
  • Pull out your phones and use a quiz question app during dinner, swapping your screens to take turns. The perfect cure for the common dinner conversation rut!
  • When planning date nights, base the theme around a related category – like preferences questions before trying that new restaurant. See who guessed correctly!
  • Print out the list and put questions in a jar. Pull one out per day for a month as mini-quizzes over morning coffee.

With a dash of creativity, these questions provide endless options for strengthening your mental, emotional, and spiritual bond. Have fun learning about the one you love!

Final Thoughts

At the heart of every lasting relationship is a genuine interest in one another’s inner worlds. With this extensive collection of thoughtful and playful questions, you’re equipped to explore new dimensions of your relationship. May you continue discovering how perfectly you complement each other and intentionally nurture your one-of-a-kind love.

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