33 Openers To Start a Conversation with a Guy


Starting a conversation with your crush doesn’t have to leave you tongue-tied and sweaty. 

Sure, approaching that cute guy can be intimidating. 

But it doesn’t have to be! 

Arm yourself with a few clever openers, and you’ll charm him effortlessly. 

The key is to relax, be yourself, and let the conversation flow naturally. 

With some practice, you’ll be starting chats with confidence in no time. 

Who knows, striking up a talk could spark something magical. So don’t be afraid to make the first move—you’ve got this!

How Do I Start Talking to a Guy?

The key is to relax, be confident, and just go for it. When you see him, walk right up with a warm smile.

Open with a casual, open-ended question, or make an observation about your surroundings to get the ball rolling. 

Compliment his shirt or bring up something you have in common. The goal is to keep it light and let the chat flow naturally.

couple talking at a party Start a Conversation with a Guy

Listen attentively, ask questions, and insert a witty remark or two to keep him engaged. 

If you’re anxious, focus on your body language—make eye contact and face him directly. Before you know it, you’ll be chatting comfortably!

How to Start a Conversation with a Guy: 33 Magnetic Conversation Openers

With the right opener, you can grab his attention and get the sparks flying in no time.

Use these 33 magnetic conversation starters to break the ice effortlessly.

Whether you opt for an observational comment, situational remark, or witty question, these lines are practically guaranteed to get him talking.

1. “I love your shirt! Where did you get it?” 

This shows you noticed something specific about his style. Guys appreciate compliments just like girls. Keep it about his clothes or accessories, not his body. Asking a follow-up question about where he got it transitions smoothly into conversation. 

For example, if he says it’s from a cool local shop, you can ask if he goes there a lot or chat about other places you like to shop. Show interest in his answer instead of just replying, “Oh cool, thanks.” If it’s a band T-shirt, you can talk about concerts or music. There are so many places you can take the chat after a simple compliment.

The key is keeping it casual, light, and open-ended. Don’t get too personal too fast. Start with his style choices, then let the conversation unfold naturally. This gets his attention in a friendly, flattering way.

2. “Hey, don’t I know you from yoga/the coffee shop/volunteering?”

You can admit you don’t actually recognize him, but asking this is a great icebreaker. It gets him wondering if you have met before while giving you a reason to start chatting. 

Don’t be afraid to spark his curiosity – making him think is a great way to grab his attention. You can segue into asking him if he does, in fact, take yoga, visit your coffee shop, or volunteer wherever. That gives you an instant connection and something in common to talk about. 

If not, no problem! Laugh it off and introduce yourself: “Haha, oops, guess not, you just look so familiar! I’m Y/N.” Then make casual small talk about how long you’ve gone to the yoga studio/taken Spanish/volunteered there. He’ll probably ask how you like it, and the conversation will flow naturally from there.

3. “What did you think of the game/concert/movie last night?” 

This is great for starting a chat about a recent event you can bond over. Customize it to whatever’s relevant – a big sports game, buzzy concert, or popular new movie.

Asking his opinion gets him engaged. You can compare thoughts on the best and worst moments. Don’t just talk about your opinions – ask questions and listen to what he says. 

Relating over a shared cultural experience like a game, show, or movie gives you an automatic connection. You can transition into talking about sports, music, or entertainment preferences. This builds rapport so the conversation flows smoothly.

The key is picking something recent enough that he’ll want to discuss it. This timely opener taps into a shared interest in a natural way.

4. “I just have to tell you, you have an awesome sense of style.”

A direct, enthusiastic compliment grabs his attention and makes him feel good. Just keep it focused on his clothes, accessories, haircut, or other stylish aspects.

You can ask where he gets his fashion inspiration or share some of your favorite places to shop. Don’t come on too strong – the key is keeping it friendly and observation-based. 

Transition into normal getting-to-know-you chat. This feel-good opener gets things started on a comfortably uplifting note that builds confidence.

5. “Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you maybe want to grab a coffee sometime?”

Being super direct can be bold and captivating. This opener cuts right to the chase – you’re interested in him! Substitute coffee for whatever makes sense – a drink, bite to eat, walk around campus, etc.

The key is owning your intention in a nice, non-creepy way. Keep your body language relaxed, and smile warmly. It’s important not to seem nervous or pushy. Just be real.

If he says yes, exchange numbers! If not, say no problem and wish him a good day. Either way, making your interest politely known can be empowering. This refreshingly straightforward opener sticks out from shy small talk.

6. Ask to borrow a pen, pencil, or phone charger

Asking to borrow something small, like a writing utensil or charger, is a great excuse to strike up a conversation. It shows you’re friendly and open to meeting someone new.

When making the request, smile and make eye contact. This creates a pleasant first impression. If he doesn’t have the item, don’t be discouraged. Just thank him and laugh it off.

couple talking outdoors Start a Conversation with a Guy

After borrowing the needed thing, use it as a segue into further chat. Ask how his day is going or note you haven’t seen him around here before. This smoothly transitions into getting acquainted.

The key is staying cheerful. Such a harmless ask is usually conducive to talking. It helps you initiate a conversation with a guy in the most natural way possible.

7. Ask how he knows the host if you’re at a party or event

When you’re both at the same party, asking how he knows the host provides an easy opening topic. This gives you a built-in common ground to start conversing.

Keep it casual by asking, “So how do you know James?” or “Have you known Emma long?” Listen to get a sense of their friendship and if he knows other guests.

You can share how you know the host, too – maybe you met through work or college. Look for shared connections you can bond over and continue the small talk.

Making party chat feel more natural instead of forced is a helpful icebreaker. Starting with this situational question gives you something low-pressure to discuss while you get acquainted. It sets up the conversation on a friendly, flowing note.

8. “What do you think of this crazy weather we’re having?”

Commenting on the weather is a classic conversational opener – for good reason! It gives you an automatic shared talking point. We all experience the weather, so it relates on a universal level.

Keep it casual and lighthearted – saying things like “Man, this humidity is killer today!” or “Wow, I can’t believe how cold it got all of a sudden!” These observational openers get him engaged in a pleasant chat about your common surroundings. 

You can bond over complaints about crummy weather or excitement over an unusually sunny day. Let the conversation unfold naturally from there into other topics. The weather is always an easy, relatable way to break the ice.

9. “Hey, I think you dropped this back there…” (pretend to pick up something off the ground)

This playful opener engages his imagination. Of course, there won’t actually be anything on the ground – you’re just giving a flirty excuse to walk up and get his attention. But it makes him look down and wonder if he did drop something. 

When he realizes you don’t actually have anything in your hand, laugh it off in a cute, conversational way: “Whoops, my mistake, just wanted to come say hi!” This shows you’re being creatively bold just to meet him. 

He’ll appreciate the humor and effort. You can then introduce yourself and transition into casual small talk about your surroundings. This outside-the-box opener immediately captures his interest with a fun, flirty twist.

10. “I couldn’t help but notice you sitting here – you seem like you’d be interesting to talk to.”

Being straightforward without being creepy can be an effective opener. You’re showing confidence by directly expressing interest in chatting with him. This catches his attention right off the bat.

It’s important to keep it casual and not say anything too gushing or intense. Simply share you were compelled to say hi and make small talk. Compliment his style or something that made you think he looks approachable. 

This takes the pressure off having some clever line. You’re just being real about wanting to meet him. After breaking the ice sincerely like this, segue into asking light questions or making conversational observations. 

The key is flattering his appearance or vibe without objectifying him. This refreshingly honest opener gets your chat started on a pleasant, complimentary note.

This playful question is a great way to engage his opinion and start an amusing debate. Make it about whatever ice cream flavors you want – the key is keeping it light and fun. 

Get some friendly banter going about your ice cream preferences. You can argue passionately (but jokingly) for your favorite. Ask what toppings he likes or if he prefers ice cream in a cone or cup. 

The silly spin makes this opener memorable. You can easily transition into deeper discussions once you’re chatting comfortably. But starting the conversation in a casual, humorous way immediately breaks the ice. 

12. “Hi! I’m doing a survey for my communications class – do you have a quick minute to answer some questions?”

This unique opener grabs his attention by making him part of your assignment. Of course, you don’t actually need to survey him – you’re just being creatively inventive to spark conversation.

Ask fun, easy questions like what his favorite color is or where he would travel if he could go anywhere. Keep it light and flirty, not too personal. Laugh after a few questions and admit you don’t have a real survey; you just wanted to meet him.

The cute creativity gets things started in an outside-the-box way. He’ll appreciate the original effort to mix up standard small talk. From there, transition into casual chatting and getting to know each other better.

13. “Hey, can I get your opinion on something? I’m thinking of getting a tattoo and just want an objective guy’s perspective.”

Everyone enjoys being asked for their advice and opinions. Make up a fake tattoo idea to get his input. Describe something unique but not over-the-top. 

Ask thoughtful follow-ups on his feedback,[9 like where he would recommend getting it done or if he has any tattoos. This shows you’re interested in what he has to say. 

Once you’ve bantered about your pretend tattoo idea for a bit, admit you made it up as a conversation starter. But the tattoos can spark interesting discussions about art, self-expression, or other shared interests. This outside-the-box opener is original and memorable.

14. “So I have to know – is that your real eye/hair color, or do you dye it?”

Paying a sincere compliment about his stand-out eyes or hair grabs his attention. But add the playful twist of asking if it’s natural or dyed. Make eye contact and smile to show you’re just being conversational.

You can bond over comparing favorite hair products or swapping stories about hair disasters if it’s dyed. Or chat about genetics and family traits if it’s natural. 

Transition into talking about style, looks, or just general getting-to-know-you banter. This observant opener is flattering while leading to a fun, light discussion. The unique question intrigues him.

15. “Okay, don’t look now, but I’m pretty sure that guy behind you is eavesdropping on us.” 

This playful roleplaying opener engages his imagination. Lean in like you’re whispering and pretend to glance suspiciously behind him.

Of course, you can admit no one is actually eavesdropping once you have his interest. But it’s an outside-the-box way to get the conversation started on a uniquely memorable note.

woman smiling at man Start a Conversation with a Guy

You can ask what he would be most embarrassed for a stranger to overhear about himself. Keep the tone humorous and lively as you invent a dramatic scenario together. 

The creativity and humor grab his attention while allowing for amusing, flirty banter. This fun, original icebreaker immediately breaks down barriers.

16. “Hey, you look familiar – didn’t we meet at that party on Main Street last weekend?”

This is a clever conversational opener that catches his interest by making him wonder if you’ve met before. Even if he wasn’t at the made-up party, it grabs his attention and gets him thinking back.

You can admit after a moment that you don’t actually recognize him; you just wanted to come say hi. But the intro sparks natural curiosity in a fun way.

Ask what he did over the weekend – this allows you to find out if he was at any parties or events. You can bond over comparing fun weekend activities and transition into normal small talk.

Making him briefly think he knows you from somewhere is an engaging icebreaker. Starting with a touch of intrigue gets the conversation rolling memorably and easily.

17. “I love your laptop stickers! Which bands/TV shows/movies are your favorites?”

Noticing his stickers or pins is a great observational opener. You can immediately bond over discussing shared interests and passions. 

Ask follow-up questions about why he likes the shows, bands, or movies. Get into friendly debates over the best characters or musical eras. His decorations give you built-in conversation fodder.

You can broaden the chat into your other pop culture or entertainment preferences, too. This shows your interest in understanding him better. The key is sincerely complimenting his style first before continuing the conversation.  

18. “Hey there! I’m going around getting people’s opinions on this filter for my Instagram story. What do you think of it on me?”  

This playful opener engages him creatively. Turn on a fun Snapchat or Instagram filter and ask what he thinks of how you look. Make dramatic model poses to make him laugh.

After a minute, admit you just wanted an excuse to come say hi. But he’ll appreciate the humor and effort. You can bond over discussing your favorite social media apps, filters, accounts, memes, etc.

The creativity grabs his attention in a cute, memorable way. You can then transition into a natural chat about other interests. This shows off your fun, spontaneous side!

19. “Do you happen to know the meaning of life?”

Starting a chat by asking an interesting philosophical or thoughtful question can help you skip the boring small talk.

Pick something unique but not too heavy, like “What do you think the meaning of life is?” or “If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?”

Listen closely to his response and ask engaging follow-up questions. Share your own thoughts, too, but avoid dominating the conversation.

Throwing him a creative curveball grabs his attention while allowing you to dive into a deeper discussion and gauge mutual compatibility. Just keep it lighthearted rather than intense. The playful intrigue of an unexpected “deep” question makes for a memorable conversation opener.

20. “So my best friend just started dating this guy she met here…please tell me you’re not him!” 

This tongue-in-cheek roleplaying opener shows your playful, creative side. You can ham it up dramatically, pretending to be super shocked and horrified at the thought you’re both dating the same person.

After laughing it off together, admit you made up the scenario – you just wanted to chat with him. But it grabs his attention and allows for fun banter as you pretend to unravel a fictional drama.

The humor and originality make this a memorable icebreaker. You can follow up by asking if he’s really dating anyone or just single and mingling. Then, continue the conversation naturally. This lighthearted approach stands out.

21. “I need a ruling – do you think food counts as a hobby or not? My friend and I have been debating this for way too long.”

Asking an amusing opinion question like this is a great icebreaker. It gives you something low-pressure to bond and banter over. Make it about whatever silly debate you want. 

Get playful with your stances on the “argument.” Ask his other hobbies or interests if he doesn’t think food qualifies. Say you’ll agree to disagree once you’ve had some friendly back-and-forth.

This shows your conversational, fun-loving side right off the bat. The debate format helps overcome any initial shyness or awkwardness between you. By getting creative with your opener, you grab his attention in an approachable way.

22. “Hi, sorry to interrupt, but I just have to tell you that color looks awesome on you!”

Giving a direct, enthusiastic compliment shows you’re confident and interested in him. Make sure it’s about his clothes, not his body or looks. This keeps it friendly vs creepy.

You can ask where he bought the shirt or why he likes that particular color. Then tell him colors you think look great on him based on his skin tone and eyes. This thoughtful praise feels personal without being inappropriate. 

Transition smoothly into a normal getting-to-know-you conversation. The genuine confidence booster gets things started on a pleasantly uplifting note.

23. “Okay, I know this is random, but do you have any pets? I’m thinking of getting a dog and would love some quick tips!” 

This is a universally relatable question that can start a great conversation. Even if he doesn’t have pets, most people have thoughts to share on the pros and cons.

Ask engaging follow-up questions like what breed he recommends or advice on training and care. Make sure to admit you aren’t adopting right now – you just wanted his thoughts. But this flows easily into chatter about favorite animals, pets you had growing up, and more.

Skipping the standard introductions by jumping into a friendly discussion grabs his attention. This thoughtful icebreaker allows for natural conversation starters.

24. “So I just moved into the neighborhood – what coffee shops/bars/parks would you recommend checking out around here?”

Asking for local recommendations is a natural topic for conversation, especially if you’re new to the area. Just substitute the types of places relevant to where you are – coffee shops, bars, parks, restaurants, bookstores, etc.

This allows him to share his favorites while showing off his local knowledge. Listen closely instead of just waiting to talk – you can ask more thoughtful follow-up questions that way. If he asks where you moved from, find common ground between the two places. 

Making small talk based on wanting his insider tips helps break the ice smoothly. You can then transition into chatting about interests, hobbies, career aspirations, and more.

25. “Hi! Could I get your opinion on something? I’m redecorating my room and can’t decide between these two wall colors…”

Soliciting his input on something like room decor colors shows you’re interested in his perspective. Pull up paint color samples on your phone to make it visual. Ask follow-up questions on his feedback.

Once you’ve compared the pros and cons of the colors for a bit, laugh and admit you’re not actually redecorating. But people enjoy being asked for their advice. This thoughtful opener leads to natural conversation. 

26. “Okay, settle this debate for me – what’s the greatest movie soundtrack of all time?”

Asking his opinion on something fun, like movie soundtracks, gives you an easy back-and-forth. Make sure to ask engaging questions about why he likes those soundtracks and which songs stand out most. 

Don’t just wait for your turn to talk – really listen to his thoughts. This mutual exchange grabs his attention while allowing you to bond over movie tastes and music preferences. The playful vibe makes chatting feel natural.

27. “Hi! This is going to sound silly, but I’m doing an icebreaker challenge for my communications class. Do you have 30 seconds to chat so I can practice meeting new people?”

Admitting you need practice breaking the ice for a class project is an honest, charming way to start a conversation. We’ve all had to do silly classroom challenges and can relate.

Keep it light as you introduce yourself and ask fun casual questions like what he’s studying or his favorite class. When the 30 seconds are up, laugh about how awkward icebreakers can be, but say you appreciate him being a good sport. 

Thank him for chatting and wish him a great rest of his day unless he seems interested in continuing the conversation. Either way, this shows your friendly, open personality in a memorable way.

How to Start a Text Conversation with a Guy

Scrolling through his recent posts provides built-in opening lines for your first text. See if he posted about a hobby, tagged a location, or mentioned something in the caption you can bond over.

For example, if he posted a picture of a nice meal, say, “Yum, that dinner looks amazing! What restaurant is that?” Asking follow-up questions keeps the conversation flowing naturally. 

Complimenting his photography skills or witty caption also works. Just keep it casual – you want to come off as friendly, not creepy. Don’t overanalyze old posts. Stick to one of his newest uploads so your text is timely.

Picking a humorous GIF about a TV show, activity, inside joke, or interest you share is a great intro text. Everyone loves laughing at a good meme. 

Keep it current and casual – no paragraphs analyzing the meme. A simple “This made me think of you!” or “So accurate, right?” is all you need to spark fun banter.

Sending something personalized to his interests shows you’re thoughtful. You can bond over discussing the meme content itself or just transition into a normal getting-to-know-you chat. 

A shared laugh breaks the ice fast on text. But don’t send anything too outrageous early on. The humor should align with his style.

30. Ask an interesting “would you rather…” question.

Would you rather questions engage creativity and get fun banter going. You can ask about silly scenarios or deep dilemmas – or keep it flirty if you feel bold. 

The key is picking something that grabs his attention. Tailor it to his interests if possible. Follow up by explaining your own choice to keep the texts flowing.

Don’t just fire random questions. Add color like “I’m settling a heated debate with my roommate” to spice up a mundane scenario.

Thoughtful would you rathers help you get a sense of his personality and values in a lighthearted way. This ups the odds of a response and kicks off a lively intro text convo.

31. Compliment something specific in his online dating or social media bio.

Pointing out a cool hobby, impressive skill, or funny quirk you noticed shows you took time to learn about him. Make it about something unusual versus generic compliments.

Ask a follow-up question to show interest in that passion or activity. You can share if you have experience with it, too, but don’t make the text all about you. 

Giving a sincere compliment transitions smoothly into the conversation. It’s more memorable than just saying “hey.” Make sure to keep it about interests vs physical compliments early on.

32. Reference a recent event or cultural moment you can bond over.

Bringing up a timely pop culture, sports, or news event you can chat about makes the first text more original. 

For example, after a big game, ask who he was rooting for or what he thought the best commercials were. Or, for a hyped movie opening you both want to see, speculate about plot twists.

Stick to lighthearted topics, at least initially. This allows for easy common ground without getting too personal or intense right away. 

Displaying good awareness of what’s currently going on in the world shows you’re cultured and socially savvy. It grabs attention while giving you shared material to discuss.

33. Ask for recommendations on something local he knows well. 

Everyone likes sharing insider tips about their hometown or neighborhood. Customize this opener by asking about hiking trails, concert venues, or other spots tailored to his interests and location.

It shows you respect his local expertise and want to experience the city like a real resident. Make sure to say thanks after he responds with ideas so he knows you appreciate the input.

This gives you an easy intro topic while allowing him to play tour guide. It also blatantly hints you’d like to meet up in person to check the recommendations out together if you hit it off.

What To Do When You Feel Nervous Starting a Conversation with a Guy

It’s completely normal to feel a little anxious when approaching an attractive stranger or texting your crush for the first time.

But don’t let the nerves stop you from putting yourself out there!

With the right mindset adjustments, you can overcome the jitters and start chatting with confidence.

  • Take a deep breath. Inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds. Repeat until you feel your body relax.
  • Focus on your posture. Stand tall with shoulders back. This sends subconscious signals of confidence.
  • Run through possible conversation starters in your head, but don’t over-rehearse. You want the talk to feel natural, not robotic.
  • Remind yourself he’s likely just as nervous and excited to meet someone new. You’re in this together!
  • Initiate a conversation in a low-pressure environment, like asking for directions or opinions on something harmless. This helps calm nerves.
  • Smile warmly and make eye contact when you approach him or wait for his text back. This builds rapport.

With some bravery and mental preparation, that first “hello” will become much less intimidating. Stay positive, be yourself, and remember – you’ve got this! Confidence takes practice, so consider each conversation a valuable stepping stone to becoming more outgoing and conversational.

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for a playful observational opener or a thoughtful question, the most important step is simply taking the leap. Conquering those pre-chat jitters gets easier with practice. Soon, sparking conversation with that cutie across the room or hottie from math class will feel exhilarating, not anxiety-inducing. So smile, relax those shoulders, and go make a new connection – you’ve so got this!

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