50 Good Morning Monday Blessings, Images and Greetings to Start Your Week Just Right


A wonderful sunrise over a meadow and lake.

It’s Monday morning.

Maybe you’re already dialed in, full of energy and ready to go to make this week a great one. 

Or perhaps you’re starting slow and are feeling tired and unmotivated this morning and would rather just go back to bed.

I’ve been in both those headspace and places many, many times myself and one thing that helps me is to read something positive and uplifting.

So in today’s post I’d like to share 50 of the best good morning Monday blessings, images and greetings.

To help you to get a good start. And so you can help a loved one get a good start to their week too by sending them one of the uplifting messages or images in this post.

Inspirational Good Morning Monday Blessings

“Good morning! May this Monday be a happy Monday and a positive start to the new week.”

“May this Monday bring you a big boost of energy and renewed inspiration to go after your dreams and biggest goals.”

“Good morning! I wish you a Monday and week ahead filled with both success and plenty of love and laughter.”

“Monday morning blessings to you, my friend. Have a great and fun week!”

A view of a beach with clear blue water.

“May your Monday be as beautiful and wonderful as you are, my dear.”

Short Inspirational Monday Morning Blessings

“Let this Monday be the beginning of a week of making the most of opportunities.”

“May your Monday be blessed with laughter and love.”

“Good morning, my friend! Start your day with thinking about what you can be grateful for.”

“Start your morning right with positivity and clear goals to make this a wonderful Monday.”

“Remember to surround yourself with kind and uplifting thoughts and people on this Monday morning.”

A sunrise in Italy.

“New morning, new week. Make the most out of it.”

Uplifting Monday Quotes for a Great Start to Your Day

“Let go of last week. Make this Monday morning a time to start fresh again.”

“I believe in you. You have the courage and strength to keep pushing throughout your journey until you reach your dream.”

“Start this workweek in focused manner and if you slip then get back on track quickly again. That’s how you build a successful Monday morning and week.” 

“I know times are tough right now. But I believe in you and what you can do. And you know I’m just a message or call away if you need me.”

“Happy blessed Monday to you, my brother. May you and you family be safe and successful with week. I’ll include you in my Monday morning prayer today.”

“You got this. Make this Monday as wonderful, exciting and love-filled as you are.”

“May your Monday be filled with kindness and love. And may you return that out into the world to make it a great week for everyone.”

“Wishing you a Monday with more time for the ones you love for quality time over dinner and the evening hours.”

“Let your Monday morning be a time of kindness and understanding towards others. Everyone is facing their own challenges so treat them with love.”

A view of the ocean from above.

“Fill this Monday with joy, laughter and small moments to remember.”

“May your Monday morning bring new energy for the day ahead and as this week begins.”

Motivational Monday Morning Blessings and Greetings

“Good morning, my friend. I hope you’ll have a successful and focused week ahead. Have a positive Monday!”

“May this Monday morning be the start of an incredible and rewarding week for you. I’m in your corner.”

“Starting and ending your day with gratitude is a very simple way to make it a happier Monday.”

“Today, embrace your creativity and drive to move closer to your dreams.”

“Wishing you a Monday morning that sets the tone for a successful week.”

“May this Monday be a day of forward movement towards the dreams you deep down want in your life. Don’t give up, my friend!”

A sunrise over the ocean.

“Start your week and Monday with optimism and kindness and watch your week blossom with success and love.”

“Good morning! Take some times this morning for reflection to accelerate your growth and success later on this week.”

“Focus more on making meaningful connections rather than a lot of connections today to set yourself up for success.”

“Start the week as you want the rest of the week to go. Set that tone. It’s a simple way to make it more likely to be a wonderful week.”

“Take a little time this Monday morning to remind yourself of how far you have come. There is still ways to go but I know that you can do it..”

“Good morning Monday, my dear! Start this morning with a grateful heart, an open mind and a will to go the extra mile and success is guaranteed.”

Positive Good Morning Monday Blessings and Wishes

“May the Lord bless you and your family with protection, love, and guidance. Amen.”

“May you have more blessings than you can count on this great Monday!”

“Trust in yourself and kind and protective forces around you to have a good Monday morning and to kickstart your week off right.”

“May you be enlightened, may you be blessed, may you find insight on this new day.”

“Start your Monday with a prayer and watch this beautiful day unfold in a wonderful way.”

“Have a positive Monday morning and and blessed week, my love. See you soon!”

“I hope your Monday morning and whole week will be filled with joy and positive vibes.”

“Today, find the small and big things to grateful for to bring a big smile to your face.”

“May you have a blessed, good morning on this Monday. I am so grateful to have you in my life.”

“Good morning, my sister! Start this Monday with a positive outlook, a big dollop of humor and the persistence of a mosquito that make it a great day.”

Simple Monday Morning Blessings for Encouragement

“Find a bit of time for yourself today, for recharging and self-care to make it a better Monday.”

“Wishing you a Monday filled with confidence and belief in yourself and your glorious dreams.”

“Start your day with a heart full of gratitude and then build on that for a wonderful Monday.”

“May your day be blessed with moments of reflection, insight and then growth.”

“Today is Monday. Make it your day. A day to remember. A new start. And wonderful beginning.”

“Aim for the stars. Even if you fail to reach them today, you’ll still land among the tree tops.”

“Let words of encouragement from friends, music, books and family rain down on you if you’re having a tough Monday.”

“I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. So keep going, keep moving on journey towards that important goal.”

“Begin a new week this morning with a clean slate. Look forward, move forward and may your day be blessed with opportunities and wins.”

“Have a lovely week, my love. I’ll see you at the end of this week. I’m already missing you.

Want even more inspiration like this for your day and for the rest of this week? Then have a look at these blessings and kind wishes:

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