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By Leo Babauta

This morning I was eating a really simple meal, with minimal seasoning, and I savored its deliciousness.

Often I go the opposite way: I eat too much, too quickly, with an overwhelming number of flavors. And I barely taste any of it.

This is how I sometimes experience life: I do so much, so quickly, and have an overwhelming amount of stuff going on. So much so that it’s hard to really experience any of it fully.

When I simplify, it’s not necessarily about getting rid of stuff — it’s about letting fewer things really be experienced:

  • When I have fewer things, I can really use those things fully, appreciating them fully.
  • When I have fewer things to do, I can really pour myself into those tasks, and really experience them.
  • When I engage with fewer things online, I can engage with them more thoughtfully.

When I remove the extraneous, it gives me a chance to savor what’s left. The flavors can really shine.

And my experience of this is that life is really revealed when I have less in front of me.

That’s not an argument for always having or doing less. There’s something to be said for embracing the fullness of life. Instead, it’s a noticing of what happens when I slow down, when I do less, when I fully experience things instead of rushing through them so I can do more.

The fullness of life is often revealed in simplicity.

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