Polygon Labs suggests assisting Celo’s transition to Ethereum layer 2 using CDK By Crypto.news


Polygon Labs suggests assisting Celo’s transition to Ethereum layer 2 using CDK

Crypto.news – Polygon Labs has suggested that the Celo blockchain community utilize its Chain Development Kit (CDK) for their upcoming Layer 2 transition on .

This proposal surfaces after Celo’s core team, cLabs, revealed an alternative idea involving a transition from Layer 1 to an Ethereum-based Layer 2 using software from OP Labs named OP Stack.

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon’s co-founder, voiced his proposal on Celo’s governance forum, stating, “We propose the Celo Ecosystem to employ the Polygon CDK for its L2 migration. The CDK is an open-source toolset that facilitates developers in constructing ZK-powered L2s for Ethereum. Its beauty lies in the ease with which it allows L1s to transition to Ethereum L2s, coupled with an emphasis on modularity.”

Polygon’s CDK, a product of Polygon Labs, is rooted in open-source principles. It’s tailored for the creation of Layer 2s, which utilize zero-knowledge rollup technology, inheriting Ethereum’s robust security via ZK proofs.

This innovative software kit hasn’t gone unnoticed. Established blockchain enterprises like Canto, Astar, Immutable, IDEX (NYSE:), and Palm Network have already expressed their keen interest, collaborating with Polygon Labs for their Ethereum(ETH) Layer 2 migration needs.

As discussions ensue, Rene Reinsberg, Celo’s co-founder, indicated that cLabs is keen on involving the wider community in their deliberation process, ensuring a transparent and communal decision-making process.

However, the Layer 2 migration scene is bustling with activity and options. Numerous teams are exploring transitions to the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, with many having a range of software tools at their disposal, courtesy of prolific teams like Polygon, Optimism(OP), and Arbitrum(ARB).

A captivating dynamic is observed with Polygon’s CDK and OP Stack from Optimism Labs. While various entities, including Base and Zora, have embraced OP Stack’s optimistic rollups for Layer 2 designs, Polygon’s CDK remains a compelling alternative, accentuating the potential of zero-knowledge rollups.

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