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The Simply Good Foods Company (NASDAQ:) has reported a modest increase in net sales and adjusted EBITDA for the fiscal first quarter of 2024. The company’s President and CEO, Geoff Tanner, and CFO, Shaun Mara, provided insights into the financial outcomes and strategic initiatives during the earnings call. Key financial highlights included a 2.6% rise in net sales to $308.7M, primarily fueled by the Quest brand’s continued growth, and a gross margin standing firm at 37.3%. The company’s adjusted EBITDA saw a slight uptick of 2%, reaching $62M. Simply Good Foods also reaffirmed its full-year fiscal outlook for 2024, expressing confidence in the Quest brand potentially reaching estimated retail sales of $1B and maintaining a steady performance for the Atkins brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Net sales increased by 2.6% to $308.7M, largely driven by the Quest brand.
  • Gross margin remained stable at 37.3%, in line with expectations.
  • Adjusted EBITDA rose by 2% to $62M.
  • The Quest brand is expected to hit estimated retail sales of $1B in fiscal 2024.
  • The Atkins brand experienced stable retail takeaway.
  • The company remains focused on a five-point revitalization plan for the Atkins brand.
  • Cash on hand was $121.4M, with $47.5M generated from operations.
  • $35M of term loan debt was repaid, with $25M repaid post-quarter.
  • Net sales growth is projected to be at the high end of the 4% to 6% range for fiscal 2024.
  • Adjusted EBITDA and adjusted diluted EPS are expected to increase slightly more than net sales growth.
  • The company is exploring various capital allocation strategies including debt repayment, share repurchases, M&A, and dividends.

Company Outlook

  • Shipments and consumption in the nutritional snacking category are anticipated to align in the first half of fiscal 2024.
  • Net sales growth is expected to be at the higher end of the long-term algorithm for fiscal 2024.
  • The company is invested in revitalizing the Atkins brand, a process expected to take 12 to 18 months.

Bearish Highlights

  • Selling and marketing expenses rose by 12.1% due to increased advertising costs.
  • Atkins brand’s innovation has lagged compared to Quest, with a focus on strengthening the core before expanding.

Bullish Highlights

  • Quest brand’s strong performance is a significant growth driver.
  • Growth in the nutritional snacking category is consistent, with opportunities to increase product space and leverage marketing.
  • The company is confident in its “new year, new you” plans and sees potential for growth in both household penetration and buy rate.


  • No specific misses were discussed in the provided summary.

Q&A Highlights

  • The company plans to enhance investments in marketing, innovation, and category management.
  • There is a potential for category growth driven by protein snacks’ popularity, especially among younger consumers.
  • M&A opportunities are being considered, with a keen interest in understanding the GLP-1 market.

In conclusion, The Simply Good Foods Company has started fiscal 2024 on a solid note, with the Quest brand being a standout performer. The company’s commitment to the Atkins brand’s revitalization and strategic marketing investments positions it for potential growth in the expanding nutritional snacking market. The next earnings call is scheduled for April, where further developments, especially regarding the Atkins brand’s progress and Quest’s category expansion, will be discussed.

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