Top 10 Dating Apps for Teenagers


Looking for love but don’t know where to start swiping? 

We feel you. 

Finding a dating app that’s actually cool and not embarrassingly lame can be tough when you’re a teen. 

But don’t worry; we did the leg work and found the ten best dating apps that won’t make you cringe. 

These apps are made specifically for teens and approved by parents, so you can flirt safely and avoid weirdos. 

Whether you’re into casual dating or hoping to find your soulmate, these apps have got you covered. 

Read on to find your perfect match!

What to Look for in a Dating App for Teens

When searching for a dating app as a teenager, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider before downloading:

First and foremost, look for dating apps that require age verification and don’t allow users outside of a certain age range. 

You want an app that keeps you safely in your peer group and blocks sketchy adults. Apps like Tinder and Bumble require users to be 18+, so they won’t work for teens.

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Some other features that make a dating app teen-friendly include:

  • Strict privacy controls – Does the app allow you to limit who can view your profile and who you match with? You’ll want total control over your visibility.
  • In-app reporting and blocking – Can you easily report abusive behavior or block creeps? Safety tools are a must.
  • No public profiles – Apps that don’t allow browsing through profiles or seeing who’s online keep things safer.

By sticking to dating apps made just for teens with these kinds of safety measures, you can feel confident putting yourself out there and meeting new people.

The Top 10 Dating Apps for Teenagers

Ready to start browsing?

We’ve rounded up the ten best dating apps for teens looking to meet other young people online. 

Each of these apps has top-notch safety features, cool interfaces, and proven success in helping teens build meaningful connections.

1. Skout

Launched in 2007, Skout is one of the first dating apps made specifically for teens. This app allows users as young as 13 to sign up and connect with other teens in their area or around the world. 

Skout takes safety seriously by separating teens from adult users, allowing teens to report and block anyone at any time. With fun features like “Buzz” and “Shake to Chat,” Skout makes it easy for teenagers to meet new people.  

  • Age limit: 13+
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Features in-app purchases

2. Spotafriend 

Spotafriend is one of the newest dating apps made exclusively for teens. Designed for ages 13-19, this app makes swiping fun by mimicking the Tinder interface but keeping things purely platonic and friendly. 

Teens can chat with new people, make new friends, and connect over shared interests. Moderators screen all profiles to keep unsavory characters out.

  • Age limit: 13-19
  • Available on iOS and Android 
  • Free app with no in-app purchases

3. Yubo

Formerly known as Yellow, Yubo is a dating app made for teenagers where you can swipe to find new friends, chat partners, or romantic interests. 

Yubo uses AI to verify ages during sign-up and keep minors interacting only with other minors. Profiles are very basic, with just photos, age, gender, and interests listed.

  • Age limit: 13+
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Offers premium paid subscription  

4. Wink 

Wink sets itself apart by focusing on video profiles rather than photos. Teens make 15-second video bios to show off their personalities before matching. 

young couple sitting drinking with a straw dating apps for teenagers

Wink uses moderators and AI to block inappropriate content and prevent harassment. For flirty teens ready to put themselves out there via selfie videos, Wink is a fun option.

  • Age limit: 13+
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Free app with in-app purchases available

5. MeetMe

One of the most popular apps for teens, MeetMe connects users through chatting, live streaming, and an interactive feed. You can chat with people nearby, play games together, and join live broadcasts. 

Moderators monitor activity to keep teens safe. With over 100 million users, MeetMe has one of the largest user bases of all teen dating apps.

  • Age limit: 13+  
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Offers in-app purchases

6. MyLOL

MyLOL is a long-standing app exclusively for teens where you can find dates or make new friends. Customizable profiles and fun quizzes make getting to know potential matches easy. 

MyLOL also hosts regular teen chat rooms monitored by moderators. As an early player in the teen dating app space, MyLOL has matched many young people since it launched in 2011.

  • Age limit: 13-20
  • Available on iOS and Android 
  • Free app

7. Hoop

Hoop is a video-first teen dating app where users share quick videos showcasing their personalities. Teens can react to videos, chat one-on-one, and meet new friends. 

Strict age verification and moderation keep the community safe. As a video-focused app, Hoop provides a unique way for teens to express themselves.

  • Age limit: 13-20
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Free app with in-app purchases

8. Wingman

Wingman is a unique teen dating app that gets friends involved by having them describe you and vouch for you in your profile. This provides a safer way for teens to put themselves out there. 

Wingman keeps things age-appropriate with 13-17 profiles only. Having your friends hype you up makes Wingman an easy and fun way for teens to start dating online.

  • Age limit: 13-17
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Free app

9. Monkey

For fast-paced teen dating, Monkey focuses on video chatting with new people for 10 seconds before deciding if you want to keep talking or find someone else. 

You can make friends and connections all over the world through random video chats that help break the ice. Monkey has matched over 30 million teens since launching in 2016.

– Age limit: 13+

– Available on iOS and Android

– Free app

10. Clover

As a popular teen dating app with over 3 million users, Clover provides an exciting Tinder-like experience for teenagers looking to meet new people. Teens can swipe through location-based profiles and chat with matches for free. 

Clover uses profile verification, age confirmation through Facebook, and artificial intelligence technology to keep their young user base safe from predators and explicit content.

  • Age limit: 13+
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Free app with in-app purchases available

What Are the Pros of Using a Teen Dating App?

Looking to meet someone but not sure if using a dating app is right for you? Don’t write them off so fast. Teen dating apps come with some great benefits if used wisely.

For starters, dating apps expand your social circle beyond just the people at your school. You can connect with teens who share your hobbies and interests from other towns or schools. 

Dating apps also let you meet people in a comfortable, low-pressure way. You’re able to chat and get to know new people from behind a screen before going on an in-person date.

Other pros of teen dating apps include the following:

  • Learn social and dating skills in a safer environment than adult apps
  • Feel more control over who you interact with compared to meeting people randomly
  • A convenient way to make connections any time of day from your phone
  • Can help combat loneliness and social anxiety
  • Promotes self-discovery in your teen years

While there are risks to be aware of, responsible teen dating app use allows you to expand your social horizons and make new connections from the safety of your phone. If used with care, dating apps can be a fun way for teens to safely interact with peers outside their normal circles.

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What Are the Possible Risks of Dating Apps for Teenagers

While dating apps can seem like a fun way for teens to meet people, it’s important to be aware of certain risks and red flags when using these platforms. Here are some of the top things for teens to keep an eye out for:

Adult Users Posing as Teens

Unfortunately, some predatory adults will lie about their age to gain access to teen dating apps. Be very wary of suspicious profiles that look much older than they claim or ask probing personal questions. Do not reveal any identifying details. Only meet up in very public places, if at all.

Cyberbullying and Harassment 

As with any online platform, bullying and harassment can happen on dating apps. Don’t hesitate to block, mute, and report abusive chat partners. Apps with good moderation will take action.

Oversharing Sensitive Info

Be cautious about sharing contact info, location, school names, social media, etc. Too many details early on can open the door for stalking or identity theft down the line. Keep intro chats light.

Scams and Catfishing

Watch for signs you are being catfished, like inconsistencies in photos, profile details that don’t add up, or constant excuses why they can’t video chat. Never send money to someone you only know online.

Meeting Strangers Alone

When meeting anyone from a dating app, do it in a very public place, drive yourself, and tell friends and family where you’ll be. Make the first meeting short and don’t rely on them for transportation.

Staying Safe on dating apps requires keeping your guard up initially. But don’t let horror stories deter you from making real connections if you take the right precautions. With increased awareness, dating apps can lead to great relationships.

What Are Some of the Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating for Teens?

Using dating apps safely and successfully as a teen takes following proper etiquette. Here are some tips on what to do and avoid when interacting with new people online:


  • Do have a parent help set up your profile
  • Do keep chatting in the app until you build trust
  • Do a video chat before meeting up to confirm someone’s identity
  • Do tell a friend when you’re going on a date
  • Do meet in a public place the first few times
  • Do listen to your instincts – if something seems strange, it probably is


  • Don’t post revealing photos or share too many personal details
  • Don’t ever send money to someone you met online
  • Don’t share your exact address or let them pick you up at home
  • Don’t meet up after only minimal chatting
  • Don’t feel pressured to do anything that makes you uncomfortable
  • Don’t delete messages so you have a record of them

Following these tips will help ensure you have a fun, safe experience finding new connections and potential partners through dating apps. Trust your gut, take it slow, and stay alert when chatting with new people online.

Final Thoughts

Using teen dating apps opens up new social opportunities that many teens find exciting and empowering. Just be sure to choose reputable apps, follow safety precautions, and use your best judgment when connecting with matches. With maturity and care, dating apps can help teens build rewarding relationships.

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